A New Beginning

Welcome to the brand new Iconsutra. After founding Iconsutra in 2010, this webspace has for the most part remained dormant. We became busy with our academics and client work that we were left with only very little time to maintain the site. But not anymore. We are going to take it in full swing this time. We are initiating it with the restructuring of the website with a solid CMS, Textpattern and a new look. This is a design we had in our minds for a quite a long time now. We were influenced by domains like print media and designer apparels in designing the new look. We have tried to incorporate the prominent patterns from these domains into the current design. With the help of Vim, a time proven text-editor, LESS, a CSS framework that significantly simplifies the styling of the webpages and Typekit to provide us with beautiful typography, we were able to successfully bring forth this design. We would also to thank the creators of these solutions on this occasion.

We have updated the landing page with the works that we have been doing in the past years. Go take a look at it if you haven't already. Along with the website launch, we are also launching this blog and we promise to keep it busy with articles on icon designing pretty soon. Up until now, we haven't really been able to turn this into a platform for disseminating icon design knowledge, but with this reincarnation, we are planning to do just that, there by making the name of our brand meaningful. We will be sharing knowledge that we have earned through reading about icon design, experience and observing the works of the greats over the course of our career. There is also a new Goodies section opened on the site where you might find something of your interest. There’s a lot more stuff coming. Stay tuned.


  1. Eli Schiff

    Congratulations. I look forward to seeing what great things you both continue to make.

    Best of luck.

  2. Anoop Surendran

    Good to see you back in action with new website,
    Will be checking your blog for quality content in Icon design you guys have always created!

  3. CJ Melegrito

    Ha! You made a blog just for me? N’aww :P — I kid I kid, well done on the design. The dark/gradient combo is really nice.

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